What do the Slovenians eat?

Slovenia has a wide range of traditional dishes, varied by different culinary regions. These are the ones that most often wind up on their dining table.
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Blog Published March 14, 2020
Edited May 3, 2024

Slovenia has a wide range of traditional dishes, varied by different culinary regions. These were influenced by neighbor countries, but have also developed its own identity and a distinct taste. Some of these dishes are protected on European level and are still popular today not only in Slovenia, but highly appreciated all over the world. 

What’s a typical Slovenian Sunday lunch like?

The Slovenians are known to be traditionalists, which can be noted also in their culinary preferences. Of course they also like to experiment, but if you ask any Slovene what a typical Sunday lunch is and you will get a similar answer every time: a beef soup, roast beef, roasted potatoes and a salad. The famous Carniolan Sausage is still very popular as well as the dishes prepared with sour cabbage such as Jota. The two nationally treasured desserts Potica and Prekmurska gibanica always make a grand entrance at every celebration or culinary event. If you’re a foodie traveler and you would like to taste as much dishes as possible, then you should join Slovenian Dinner Experience in Ljubljana.

Take it from the nature

Through history the majority of Slovenians were farmers, so it’s not surprising that a great deal of people keep a small vegetable garden. Those living in urban areas are experimenting with urban gardening. Foraging and herb picking is also a popular pastime, with masses of people gathering dandelions in spring or chestnuts and mushrooms in autumn. Living in a geographically diverse country with relatively low pollution and plenty of natural goods is a privilege. If you are also a wine lover we can’t make you miss the Slovenian precious wines. You can taste seven of them at the Wine Tasting Ljubljana where in a 300-year old wine cellar you will taste the finest Slovenian wines from different wine regions and learn must-know wine facts.

Big portion is a must!

Slovenians love their food and appreciate generous portions. They are especially known in keeping their guests happy and well fed. It’s nothing unusual if a lunch consists of a beef noodle soup, roast beef, roasted potatoes and a side dish of green lettuce salad, followed by potica and some coffee. If you happen to be invited to Slovenian home for lunch, we kindly recommend you don’t wear tight clothes and forget a diet for the day.

A list of Slovenian traditional dishes

These are some fine examples of traditional Slovenian cuisine that was enjoyed by numerous generations with little or no change to the recipes. If you are curious to try out some of these yummy dishes, you are more than welcome to join the Slovenian Dinner Experience in Ljubljana.

Let’s have a insight to some of the traditional dishes that can be found on a dinner table across Slovenian homes:

Beef noodle soup

It’s a traditional and evergreen starter of any respectable lunch and consists of a beef soup base with egg noodles.

Roast beef

A meat delicacy made of a good quality piece of meat and slowly roasted to perfection. Pork meat is also a very popular option.

Roasted potatoes

This is the most popular way to prepare potatoes in Slovenia. Potatoes are slowly roasted with onions and topped with parsley which makes it a perfect side dish to most of meat specialties.

Carniolan Sausage (Kranjska klobasa)

It’s one of the Slovenian most famous delicacies and in 2015 it successfully entered it into the register of protected geographical indications (PGIs). This small sausage is generally served whole. The adjective kranjska derives from the region of Carniola a former duchy of the Austrian Empire. The earliest mention of the Carniolan sausage in German is found in 1858 renowned cookbook Süddeutsche Küche (South German Cooking). The Carniolan sausage contains at least 75 to 80% pork (aside from bacon), and at most 20% bacon. It may contain as much as 5% water, the sea salt from Sečovlje salt pans, little garlic, saltpetre and black pepper. This spiced pork sausage goes well with a side dish of pickled cabbage or sour turnip. It can also be served cold with bread and a side dish of mustard.

Kranjska Klobasa na lesenem krožniku


Blood sausage is a pork sausage filled with pork blood, bacon, intestines and millet or buckwheat porridge, also consumed with a side dish of sour kraut, sour turnip or potatoes.

Krvavice on a saucepan with decoration


A stew made of sour cabbage or turnip, beans, potatoes and bacon. It is especially popular in the winter and is served as a main dish, usually with bread on the side.

Jota dish on a table

Idrijski žlikrofi

Traditional Slovenian dumplings that originate from a town of Idrija. They are made of dough with potato filling and have a distinctive shape. They can be served either as a side or main dish. The recipe dates back to the mid 19th century and remains one of the most popular Slovenian dishes. Since 2010 žlikrofi were awarded a protected geographical status.

Typical Slovenian Food

Ajdovi žganci

Buckwheat spoon bread are made of buckwheat flour and water. They can be topped with roasted pork pieces and make a great main or side dish.

Two portions of ajdovi žganci


This walnut roll the most famous of all Slovenian desserts and is made of dough and walnuts or tarragon. You can’t miss it on any Christmas or Easter feast.

Potica cake

Prekmurska gibanica

Prekmurje layer cakeis another delicious traditional dessert. It’s made of several layers of dough, cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnuts and apples and it truly is as delicious as it sounds.

Prekmurska Gibanica


Cottage cheese dumplings are a traditional dish made of dough and can be prepared in different ways. They can be baked, cooked, sweet or salty, filled with cottage cheese or walnuts.

Learn to prepare the Slovenian dishes

Now that you learned a list of the Slovenian most popular traditional dishes, you might wonder if they are easy or hard to prepare. If you would like to discover the perfect way to get to know the local culinary you should experience Slovenian home cooking with Cooking Class Ljubljana. You know that food you prepare by yourself and with love always tastes better? It’s a great and fun activity where you participate with your friends, family or by yourself. We can guarantee you will meet a lot of new interesting people from all over the world while learning about the Slovenian cuisine and preparing some traditional dishes. The best part is, you’ll be doing it in the company of other foodie travelers.

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