Food Tour Ljubljana

Food Tour Ljubljana

Taste of Slovenia through local restaurants



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Slovenian cuisine

  • Discover traditional local food and authentic Slovenian restaurants
  • Taste local wines from many undiscovered regions
  • Learn about Slovenian traditions, rich cultural heritage and broad cuisine
  • Eat like a local in the company of a local
  • Enjoy beautiful sights of the city while walking
  • Meet and share experiences with other foodie travellers
  • Create a culinary story you will gladly share with others



Local food & restaurants

Get a taste of traditional Slovenian cuisine with this guided tour through Ljubljana restaurants.

Amusing, educational and above all tasty tour of Slovenian capital. Discover the best local food, delicious wines from various regions, learn about Slovenian traditions and explore the city’s rich cultural heritage.

A great way to put your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride, as well as getting acquainted with main city attractions and other foodie travellers from around the world.

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Food Experience

Culinary Offer & More

  • 7 delicious tastings
  • 4 Slovenian wines
  • Experienced and fun-to-be-with guide
  • Countless stories behind the food

75€ / person

  • Food Tour starts daily at 1pm.
  • Approx. 3 hours
  • Sign-up is required to reserve your spot.
  • The tour is conducted in English.
  • We hold the right to alter the route of our Food Tour and restaurants included
  • Tour requires a minimum of 2 persons to operate

Join us on this food journey, where we will dive into the rich history of traditional Slovenian dishes. We will try specialties from Istra, like prosciutto and cheese at the central market designed by famous architect Plečnik.

From the central market, we’ll swing over to one of the oldest restaurants in this part of the town. Its roots go all the way back to 1836 and its prominent visitors were some of the most famous Slovene writers like Fran Levstik. Here we will indulge ourselves with the famous Carniolan Sausage and the most representative wine of the Dolenjska region, Cviček – a wine without comparison and you’ll learn why!

Our journey will also include a stop at a small olive shop, where you’ll get the chance to try pumpkin oil and some other spiced-up oils.

We’ll hop over to the heart of Prekmurje, right in the center of Ljubljana, where you’ll try some of the most traditional dishes, typical for that region – we don’t want to give more away, as this will be quite a try-out for your taste buds. 😉

Our last stop will be a special place amongst the restaurants in Ljubljana. It is part of an organization that helps adults with disabilities to gain work & social skills. And as this is a Food Tour, food also brings a lot of joy here, we’ll try another must in the wide variety of traditional Slovenian dishes that goes by the name Idrijski žlikrofi. It might be hard to pronounce, but it’s a delight to taste. 🙂

And so, our food journey will come to an end, with a full tummy and impressions that will last for quite a while! ⭐

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Prešernov trg, Ljubljana


Linda S.

This food tour was hands down the best thing we did in Ljubljana!


Terry Anzur

This tour surprised me with an excellent combination of unexpected tastes and expert commentary by a local guide.


Nicole C.

Such a great tour that I recommend to anyone!


Greta C.

We went on the food tour which was excellent and great fun. Visiting six restaurants for tasties and wine.

  • Slovenian Carniolan sausage (“kranjska klobasa”), which was developed in early 19th century, has been taken into space on two NASA missions by an astronaut with Slovenian roots.
  • Slovenia is host to no less than 24 gastronomic areas and three big wine-growing areas.
  • Slovenia is the home of the oldest vine in the world, over 400 years.
  • Our national anthem is actually a toast, that’s how important role wine plays in Slovenian culture.
  • There are more than 90,000 beekeepers in Slovenia, that’s why you can find honey and hives practically in every Slovenian region.
  • Slovenia has won the title European Region of Gastronomy 2021.

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