Food Tour Ljubljana

Guided tour of Slovenia’s gastronomy as we take you on a walking tour of Ljubljana and its top restaurants, discovering traditional Slovenian dishes on the way.
Start time
1:00 pm
Finish time
4:00 pm
Discover traditional local food and authentic Slovenian restaurants
Taste local wines from many undiscovered regions
Learn about Slovenian traditions, rich cultural heritage and broad cuisine
Eat like a local in the company of a local
Enjoy beautiful sights of the city while walking
Meet and share experiences with other foodie travellers
Create a culinary story you will gladly share with others
Culinary tour of Ljubljana
Culinary tour of ljubljana
Visiting Ljubljana's marketplace
Visiting Ljubljana's marketplace
Traditional Slovenian food & wine
Exploring traditional Slovenian food & wine
Kranjska "Carniolan" Sausage & wine
Guided culinary tour
Guided through Ljubljana's best foodie spots
Ljubljana walking tour
Sightseeing is also part of the deal!
Tasting stop
Tasting stops around almost every other corner
Traditional restaurant tour of Ljubljana
A wonderful experience for a short stay in Ljubljana

Included in price

7 delicious tastings
4 Slovenian wines
Experienced and fun-to-be-with guide
Countless stories behind the food

Get a taste of traditional Slovenian cuisine with this guided tour through Ljubljana restaurants.

Our tour combines sightseeing with discovering the best local food, and delicious wines from various regions, learning about Slovenian traditions, and exploring the city’s rich cultural heritage. A great way to put your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride, as well as get acquainted with main city attractions and other foodie travelers from around the world.

These will be some of the best hours you spend in the Slovenian capital — amusing, educational, and above all, tasty.

To turn this gourmet experience into week-long gastronomic endeavors, check out our Food and Wine Holidays Slovenia.

But if you just want to take a tour minus the food, you can do so at Walking Tour Ljubljana.


Prešernov trg, Ljubljana

Things to know

Our Food Tour Ljubljana includes 7 delicious tastings and 4 Slovenian wines. Among them, Istrian prosciutto and Slovenian cheese, Carnolian sausage, olive and pumpkin oli, dumplings “Idrijski žlikrofi”, a brilliant dessert “Prekmurska gibanica” and other tastings, but we really don’t want to give it all away.

We will be sampling food and wine at different locations along the way, some samples of food offer just a few bites, others a larger portion. Throughout the whole course of Food Tour Ljubljana, you will eat enough food that would equal a single meal.

As we walk from location to location to sample the food and wine, we will take enough breaks for architectural, cultural and historical insights of the city. Since we walk right through the old town, you get to see all the major attractions of Ljubljana.

As we walk through the old town of Ljubljana, we will stop at must-see attractions of our lovely capital and of course make delicious pit-stops for food tastings. Overall, from our starting location at Prešeren square, to our last location at Gornji trg, we will walk for about 650 m / 0.4 miat a leisurely pace. We will be sitting down for tastings at most locations, however, there will be some locations where we will be standing when tasting our delicacies.

It all depends on your needs. We do our best to accommodate special dietary needs of our guests, however, we cannot guarantee you will be able to get all the tastings and experience the Food Tour to the fullest.  Please provide us with your allergies/needs/preferences with the booking form and we will reply with our suggestions. In case you have life-threatening allergies or health conditions, it is not recommended to take the tour.

Our Food Tour gladly accommodates vegetarians, just please don’t forget to state your preferences with the booking. We also do our best to accommodate vegans, however we cannot guarantee you will be able to get all the tastings and experience the Food Tour to the fullest. Please provide us with your preferences when submitting the booking form and we will let you know if we can accommodate you based on your information.

Our Food Tours in Ljubljana takes place in any kind of weather and will not be cancelled in case of rain. Please wear suitable clothing (raincoat, boots) and bring an umbrella if it’s raining.

We will stop at some local shops for tasting and you will have plenty of time there to purchase the desired items. Just please keep in mind that we need to stay on schedule for the food tastings that follow, so our guide will give you a warning as to when we are leaving towards the next tasting location, and you can finish your shopping in time.

Tipping is not customary in Slovenia, therefore not required on the tour. However, if you had a great time, gratuities are gladly accepted by our tour guides. 😉

No. On Sundays or Holidays, we adjust our route as not all of the restaurants are open.

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Taste of Slovenia through local restaurants
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