Top Ljubljana Food Events & Experiences

From delightful themed Slovenian dinners and food festivals, to food tours and cooking classes, Ljubljana is brimming with fantastic culinary events.
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Blog Published March 4, 2020
Edited May 3, 2024

As one of the hottest and most buzzing food scenes in all of Europe, Ljubljana is certainly gaining lots of attention. Not only does it have a vast choice of restaurants, in which you have everything from typical Slovenian food to world cuisine, it also hosts a number of highly-anticipated regular and annual culinary events from themed dinners and food tours to one of Europe’s most important food summits.

Discover Ljubljana’s best food events, including our personal favourites, below.

Open Kitchen Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen, locally known as Odprta Kuhna, is a regular open-air event happening every sunny Friday from mid-March to October. Located on Pogačarjev trg, just steps away from the Ljubljana food market, the Open Kitchen is a tasty collection of food stalls providing delicious food prepared by the country’s best chefs and food gurus. Here, visitors can taste food from the best Slovenian restaurants and casual eateries all in one place.

European Food Summit

The European Food Summit is where food lovers, internationally renowned journalists, top chefs, scientists, and influencers come together in a three-day event to share knowledge and discuss food culture and sustainability. It includes a number of food-focussed events such as culinary walks and dinners, and culminates in a gastronomy-oriented summit. The summit is headed by Ana Roš, World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and head chef at the famous Hiša Franko restaurant, and Andrea Petrini, one of the most influential people in the world of gastronomy.

Food Tour Ljubljana

Food Tour Ljubljana is one of the city’s most popular food walks. This guided Ljubljana walking tour takes visitors around the city’s food hotspots, including the Ljubljana food market and fish market, stopping at various authentic Slovenian restaurants along the way. At these restaurants, you’ll discover traditional Slovenian food and taste local wines. And as you walk through the town centre, taking in the beautiful sites, your local guide will give you some memorable food facts about the country. 

The Ljubljana food tour gives you the opportunity to relax, while meeting and sharing experiences with other foodie travellers. You’d ideally take the tour soon after you arrive in Ljubljana as through it you can get acquainted with the city and pinpoint the places you’d like to further look into during your stay in the city.

Grill & BBQ Fest

This is another feast for food lovers—particularly meat and BBQ lovers—that’s held in Pogačarjev trg in the centre of Ljubljana. Grill & BBQ Fest is the crème de la crème of the Slovene BBQ scene as you’ll find a whole host of flaming BBQs going on. You’re sure to get lured into the square that’s teeming with the appetising smell of barbecued food. And it’s not just meat—there’s also something for vegetarians! Slovenian craft beers and wines are also on hand to wash down the grub.

Pivo & Burger Fest

Talking of barbecues, we can’t not mention burgers. Ljubljana has seen a rise in gourmet burger joints in the past few years, just as Slovenia has been experiencing a craft beer revolution. The Pivo & Burger Fest is a celebration of both these wonderful things and takes place, again, in Ljubljana’s famous food square Pogačarjev trg. It features a range of juicy burgers (and believe me it’s not just the standard meat, cheese and bread), plus top Slovenian and international brews.

November Gourmet Ljubljana

November Gourmet Ljubljana is a large culinary and drinks event happening throughout the entire month of November. Foodies, wine lovers, and beer lovers get the opportunity to taste typical dishes and beverages from Ljubljana and all around Slovenia. A selected number of the city’s restaurants and cafés showcase locally-produced, seasonal dishes for you to taste. The two much-awaited wine events of the year, the traditional St Martin’s Saturday Ljubljana Wine Route, and the Slovenian Wine Festival, also fall under the November Gourmet Ljubljana project.

Cooking Class Ljubljana

Do you want to learn how to cook typical Slovenian dishes while learning about Slovenia’s rich culinary traditions? Look no further than Cooking Class Ljubljana, a hands-on culinary workshop inspired by old and still popular Slovenian recipes. During a highly interactive class, you get to prepare a complete dinner together with a local chef, and afterwards sit down and enjoy the meal you created. 

You’ll cook up a four-course meal comprising an appetiser, warm starter, main dish, and a dessert, all seasoned with humour and a homey feeling. The menu is adjusted according to season, and the freshest ingredients from local farms are always used.

This four-hour long workshop, conducted in English, also features Slovenian wines and spirits. No previous cooking skills are required to take part, meaning the class is suitable for both accomplished and novice cooks. Vegetarians are also welcomed. 

Dinner in the Dark Ljubljana

Dinner in the Dark Ljubljana is a one-of-a-kind dinner experience featuring the finest Slovenian cuisine cooked up by the chefs at Best Western Premier Hotel Slon. Taking place every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at Hotel Slon itself, this is a guided two-hour culinary event during which you’ll enjoy a delicious four-course dinner while stimulating all your senses that are heightened by lack of vision. Plus you’ll get to engage with other adventurous diners as you take up a few challenges in the dark. A must-try culinary experience!

Slovenian Dinner Experience

Taste Slovenia by joining a typical Slovenian dinner that takes place in Ek Bistro in the heart of Ljubljana, located on the famous pretty pedestrianised street Petkovškovo nabrežje right on the Ljubljanica river bank. Enjoy traditional Slovenian food, desserts, local wines and spirits. Try cooking some recipes. You’ll also have some laughs, which you can share with fellow foodies as well as your fun host. 

Throughout a four-course meal, you’ll learn about Slovenian customs, cuisine, and rich cultural heritage by means of stories told, all in English of course. And, there’ll be no shortage of Slovenian wines from Slovenia’s different wine regions. A Slovenian dinner experience you will always remember!

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