Slovenia – European region of gastronomy 2021

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Blog Published February 25, 2019
Edited March 29, 2024

Remember that Coq au Vin you had in France, delicious non?

Or that buonissima Pasta Carbonara you enjoyed in Italy?

Been there, done that. We’ve all had our fair share of pasta. Now it’s time to try something new.

I bet you’ve been hearing a lot about Slovenia lately. This picturesque country has many natural and culinary delights to offer and has rising numbers in visitors to prove for it.

It comes as no surprise that Slovenia has won the title European Region of Gastronomy 2021. The International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism has awarded the title to Slovenia based on the country’s gastronomic offers combined with the development of sustainable living and quality of life.

This is an exciting opportunity for all gastronomy-seeking explorers to come and savour everything Slovenia has to offer. The country’s vision is putting emphasis on ecological farming and sustainability high on its priority list of gastronomy development. On top of that, it has the ideal geographical position to take advantage of.

The locally produced ingredients, such as salt harvested from Adriatic salt pans, produce grown in fields and gardens, honey made by native bees, ingredients foraged in forests and meadows, wines from plenty of vineyards across the country, all make it to Slovenian dishes. Green and healthy comes to mind when getting to know this lovely country, nested in the heart of Europe.


Slovenia has a long and rich tradition of winemaking. The premium wine varieties are often boutique produced in smaller quantities and made with traditional methods. Even the world’s oldest vine grows in the Slovenian city of Maribor. Needless to say, the wine culture has always been an important part of this country. Slovenia’s famous poet France Prešeren was also a passionate wine lover. He had written a toast – “Zdravljica” which is an ode to Slovenian wine, that later became a national anthem of Slovenia. You can explore a part of winemaking land with Wine Tours Slovenia.


Slovenia has been long known for its honey production and has a selection of world pioneering experts in innovation. Thanks to the country’s lush and diverse landscape, a rich selection of various types of honey can be produced – such as acacia, chestnut, flower and forest. The next step is urban beekeeping, which has been developing successfully in recent years. It can be visited on various city tours of Ljubljana or the Bee Path.

Salt panning

Salt production was always an important part of our country. No wonder Slovenia’s own Popeye, a fictional folklore hero Martin Krpan, was a famous salt smuggler. Slovenia’s salt pans are one of the few in Adriatic to still produce salt by using traditional methods. The world-class Fleur de Sel, also produced by using centuries-old process, is one of the world’s best in quality.

What better way to excite your taste buds and broaden your horizons. A new gastronomic destination awaits. What are you waiting for? Book that flight to Slovenia, before everyone else does.

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