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Food Tour – a different way to explore a city

There’s nothing more exciting than planning a trip or a holiday. All that sightseeing, meeting new people, delicious local food… We all want an authentic experience when visiting a new place. We like to discover hidden places off the beaten path and find local unspoiled restaurants to dine in. Local cuisine with a guide If

Best rated restaurants in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a number of restaurants, among them are two, that has just been picked as one of the best in the world, according to La Liste. This french list of all the best restaurants in the world has just recognised eight Slovenian restaurants, two from Slovenia’s capital. What makes La Liste different is that

Ljubljana among top 10 culinary destinations in the world

There are some excellent culinary destinations such as Italy, France and Spain, where every self-professed foodie has savoured and instagramed its delicacies. As has every other tourist. These obvious choices are bound to satisfy as they are safe if a tad predictable. But are they exciting? Every respectable Facebook or Instagram account has its fair

Slovenia – European region of gastronomy 2021

Remember that Coq au Vin you had in France, delicious non? Or that buonissima Pasta Carbonara you enjoyed in Italy? Been there, done that. We’ve all had our fair share of pasta. Now it’s time to try something new.

Savour the taste, savour the view

No point in eating out if you’re just looking at your plate. Sure, the food has to taste good, but without a decent view and an even better company, it’s not much of an experience – actually if you think about it, you can barely call it “a nice dinner”. So we’ve prepared a short